Shared Space II
Shared Space is a long term collaboration project between Witte de With and TENT, where artists from Rotterdam are invited to work on an overall concept for the joint space of these two art institutions. Visitors as well as staff members of both art institutions use this in-between space.

The swimming pool concept is not only an installation, but also a space in which visitors are allowed to touch, sit and swing the objects. In contrast to other spaces in the building, sharing is not only meant to be visual but also useable.

Shop Margreeth Olsthoorn
The store’s concept and interior draw inspiration from a launderette aesthetic, featuring distinct functional islands. This collaborative project is in partnership with Margreeth Olsthoorn, Rotterdam.

Toko 94 Lamps
A series of lamps, developed for the restaurant Toko94 at the Witte de With street in Rotterdam. The concept was based on playful South American food markets.
Material: Glass fiber, metal and lamps

Project for the Centre of Expressive Arts (CBK), Schiedam, with the aim of inviting people to come in and take a look at the art inside.

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