Footprint 2018
Handmade, unique piece
43x42x60 cm, resin Available

The resin artwork, with its thin, open structure in army green and black, symbolizes ownership and utility. It suggests the potential to contain something but leaves it open to interpretation. Is it rare, essential, wasteful, or something to discard? The artwork challenges us to contemplate these questions, prompting a reconsideration of our relationship with resources and responsibility

Holder 2017
Handmade, unique piece
56x23x38 cm, resin Available

Dragonboy & Dragongirl 2017
Handmade, unique pieces

Self-supporting Baby 2012
An object addressing extreme individualism.
Handmade, unique piece

Daddy 2011
A series of characteristic objects
Handmade, unique pieces, resin

We Say 2010
An object ridiculing commercials and advertising, which we are confronted with constantly on a daily basis.
Handmade, unique piece

Portable stone 1999
A stone, wrapped, conserved and made functional
Handmade, unique piece

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