Rubber nr14 1999 –
The Thonet nr 14, icon and one of the first mass-produced chairs of the industrial age, conserved, re-used and upgraded.
Collection: Boijmans Museum Rotterdam, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Material: rubber and wood
Dimensions (l/w/h): 43 x 50 x 93 cm

Painted Chair 1999
A series of 9 small chairs, made from wood-board panels that had been used for nearly 40 years during the paint classes at The Design Academy Eindhoven

Material: wood
Dimensions (l/w/h): 39 x 34 x 61 cm

GB Chair 2001
Collaboration project with Gijs Bakker and research study for bronze chair project for Annie Brouwersplantsoen, Amersfoort (NL)
Dimensions (l/w/h): 87 x 81 x 90 cm

Final result of Gijs Bakker’s City bench for Annie Brouwersplantsoen, Amersfoort (NL)

Leftover Chair 2010

This chair is an accidental side-product, made with epoxy leftovers

Material: resin, wood, metal
Dimensions (l/b/h): 42 x 44 x 78 cm

Betonplex Chair 2002
Plywood chair, made out of love for the material and, to explore the possibility of creating a volume that looks solid

Material: wood
Dimensions (l/b/h): 100 x 120 x 100 cm

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