Art, sculpture, design studio by Sebastiaan Straatsma. Unique handmade pieces.

My work is in twilight,
It appears to be……but it’s not.

Since I started making, playing with form, context, function and non-function has been central to my work. Archetypes and objects with historical, nostalgic or emotional value fascinate me. The narratives they carry, the typical signs of time.

This lead to an ever-growing series of unique and handmade sculpture objects made from resin. Grabbing volume and form with just an open skin. You recognize them, but they are confusing at the same time. This ambiguity fascinates me. Seemingly clear and obvious objects now carry a double message. I carefully select the objects and narratives I refer to. I remake and transform them into something else.

“The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.” Marcel Duchamp

I am intrigued by the archetypical and classical ceramic vases. Originated among the Far East and ancient Europe. I started challenging their function, material and history. Originally this kind of classical vases were not only functional vessels but also ‘canvases’ displaying contemporary drawings, symbols and representations of their time.

Working with resin instead of ceramic gives me freedom and instant expression in a three-dimensional way. It allows me to work with open skins, a variety of structures and layer upon layer, creating a thick and almost crude surface. Like three-dimensional painting where the object, shape and mold are my canvas, playing their own part.

I developed a unique resin technique. With each vase or object, I follow a process – from an idea, a collage or sketch, to preparing and making a mold, mixing colors with various pigments and making the sculpture by drawing, painting, splattering and squirting the resin on the mold. In the end I take the mold out and the sculpture stands on its own. Endless possibilities for construction and structure are merged into one single material.

Timeline sculpture vases 2006 –
Update 2021

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