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« Archetypes and objects with historical and emotional value fascinate me. The narratives they carry, the typical signs of time. » This led to an ever-growing series of handmade and unique interior pieces. Vases, bowls, lamps, paintings and sculpture objects but also interior concepts and installations.

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Straatsma studio
Nieuw-Mathenesserstraat 46
3113 AH Schiedam, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 621273599

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My artistic practice revolves around exploring the interplay of form, context, function, and non-function. I am deeply intrigued by archetypes and objects imbued with historical, nostalgic, or emotional significance, as well as the narratives they encapsulate, reflecting the passage of time.

This fascination has culminated in an ongoing series of unique, handmade sculpture objects crafted from resin. By manipulating volume and form while retaining an open skin, I aim to evoke a sense of recognition tinged with ambiguity. Through this process, seemingly clear and familiar objects acquire new layers of meaning, captivating me with their inherent complexity.

In particular, I find inspiration in the archetypical and classical ceramic vases, originating from diverse cultures such as the Far East and ancient Europe. Challenging their traditional function, materiality, and historical context, I reinterpret these vessels as contemporary expressions. Much like their predecessors, my works serve as both functional objects and canvases for modern interpretations, featuring symbolic motifs and representations of our era.

Working with resin grants me unparalleled freedom and immediacy in expressing three-dimensional concepts. It enables me to experiment with open forms, diverse textures, and layered compositions, resulting in surfaces that are thick and tactile, almost raw in their appearance.

Developing a distinctive resin technique has been integral to my practice. Each creation follows a meticulous process, from conceptualization and sketching to mold-making, color blending, and sculpting. This method allows for endless permutations in construction and structure, all unified within a singular material.

My artwork has garnered recognition and is showcased in numerous museum and private collections across Europe, Asia, and North America.

I was born and raised in Dokkum, a town in the northern part of The Netherlands. After studying at The Design Academy in Eindhoven, I have been based in Rotterdam since 2000, where I operate from my workspace Straatsma studio.

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